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We're a team of retro enthusiasts who grew up with the oldschool systems and their games we all love

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Retro Game enthusiasts and computer/console collectors.

There's something about an old video game that does good at the soul. The 16 color graphics,
the 8bit sound etc, conjures memories of simpler times, when joysticks seemed larger because our hands were still
small and a coin seemed like a heck of a lot more money than it does right now. While contemporary video games
have come clode to cinematic masterpieecs, there's often nothing better than the fun and simplicity of retro classics.

We are a team of retro game enthusiasts who gre up with the oldscool systems and their games we all love!
There's core reason behind the tidal wave of nostalgia that's been sweeping through video games in the past few years.

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